When ever we visit my family and stay over, we always make pancakes for one of the days for breakfast/brunch. Before this recipe we used to use a ready made packet brand. As we do not even eat eggs we are always looking for recipes where we can substitute them for other items. So this is the perfect recipe. Eat them hot that is the best way to enjoy them.

Here are some ideas for added ingredients and toppings. Try putting frozen blueberries, after you have spooned in the mixture in the pan, then when the bubbles appear flip over. Another good addition is to slice a few banana pieces on top and sprinkle cinnamon, both of these are pretty good as the caramelization of the fruit makes them naturally sweet.

My younger sister even did a kind of Indian version once, where she added saffron and cardamom powder to the batter. When serving place a scoop of good vanilla ice cream – YUM! Even strawberries and cream is a good combination that she make when ever they are in season. I also like to put chocolate spread and passion fruit pulp on top, that is pretty good too.

If you wish to make a meal out of it, then perhaps make a little savoury filling to go with all the various sweet options. There is a full recipe for the savoury filling here. These are just some ideas that you might like to try out once you have the basic mastered.

Pancake Recipe

It is important that you use full fat milk as this gives them a better texture and makes them stick less.  Keep the same cup for both the milk and flour. If you wish to make crepes you can just add more milk. This quantity will give you about 12 medium sized pancakes.


1 cup Self-raising flour

1 tsp sugar

1 tsp baking powder

2 cups full fat milk

1 pinch of salt

1 tbsp oil


Place all the ingredients in a bowl and add slightly warmed milk to the mixture and make a smooth batter.

Leave it for 15 minutes, on a slightly warmed pan, place a drop of oil and ladle the batter mixture and spread it to form a round shape.

Once the bubbles that have formed on the pancake have stopped, flip it over with the help of a spatula.

After a minute or so you are ready to serve with a choice of toppings.

If you are adding the fruit to the pancake then it should be done as mentioned straight after the batter has been ladled onto the pan.

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  1. pancakes are looking so good all ur desserts are mouthwatering and yoghurt cake is really so moist and feel like tasting. ANd cookies yumo… so good

    Kiran ~ Give them a go and let me know what you think of them, the yoghurt cake and pancakes are so simple to make and great to hare with loved ones.


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