Chapatti (rotli / roti)

This flatbread is a staple food for all Indian’s and is very similar to tortillas. They are usually served with cooked dahl (Lentil soup) or a vegetable curry and pieces of the chapatti are used to wrap around and pick up a bite of the curry. It is not only good to go with curries but you can also use it to make lots of other snacks.  I sometimes use them to make instant pancakes for my son, just put some chocolate spread or honey and chop some fruit, arrange to make a face and serve.  Can’t go wrong as he looks at it as a treat and I am happy that he is eating wholemeal & fruit. As with all breads this is very simple to make, ‘practice makes perfect’ is my motto on it, especially when rolling  out the dough to form an even round shape.


Serves 2


1 cup wholemeal flour

1 tbsp oil

1/3 cup warm water

Some ghee (clarified butter for spreading) – optional


1) In a bowl place the flour making a small well and add the oil and a third of the water in it, start mixing.

2) Add more water as required to make a soft dough (stop adding water before dough becomes wet and sticky).

3) Knead till the dough is smooth and elastic (about 2 mins).

4) Leave for a few minutes, pre-heat the griddle pan and start to divide the dough into 6 parts and form small round balls.

5) Flatten slightly and on a floured surface roll them out into flat round shape.

6) Place on the griddle pan and when bubbles start to form after a minute or so, turn it over. Leave for about a minute then turn it back.

7) At this point it should begin to rise which means it is done. If it doesn’t rise, either put it directly on the flame for a few seconds or press on the chapatti with a folded tea towel/cloth until it puffs up or the underside has brown specks.

8.) Remove and place on a plate and spread some ghee (clarified butter) on it.

9) Continue until all the chapattis are made and serve warm.

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  1. Dearest Kiran, I am extremely proud of you and the wounderfull blog you and Anjay have both created together truely awsome. I can remember when we were small and our map Rotli’s with holes burnt on the edges and uncooked in the middle 🙂 how far you have progressed from the young age of 8/9 to now a true chef ever adapting, changing and inventing new recepies. We are all very excited for a new begining of something simply fablous. lots of love and best wishes for your future Janki.


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