Yoghurt Cake


I have had this recipe since 2004 from one of my husband’s aunt. She makes an eggless cake using yoghurt and it has a lighter texture compare to the other cake recipe posted earlier. My mother-in-law really likes this cake and so I thought I would try it out finally this year for her birthday. I asked my husband to help me, but I was so busy with preparing the other meals that he actually ended up making the cake. So I said to him I will tell everyone that you made it. To this he said lets wait and see how it turns out, if it is good then you can tell everyone otherwise no. Well it was wonderful, however the only thing was that despite following the recipe we both felt you could smell and taste the bicarbonate of soda powder.

I made the cake again a few days later, this time with my son’s help, and reduced the bicarbonate of soda powder and it was perfect, so that is the recipe I am giving you. I find it so amazing when I hear of or see different recipes for eggless cakes, how inventive people can be, and it also shows you can make good cakes without using eggs.

Eggless Yoghurt Cake

Another option is that you can add dried fruit or chocolate to this basic recipe. As I have just tried the basic recipe I cannot say how they work out. I used home made natural yoghurt for the recipe, you can use shop bought but make sure its the live natural variety. The consistency should be about medium, not too thick, not too runny. If you feel the consistency is too thick then you can add a few table spoons of yoghurt or water to get the correct consistency.


Preparation time: 15 mins       Cooking time: 30 to 45 mins       Serves: 10

250g self raising flour

200g sugar

8 oz yoghurt

50 g butter

1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda powder

1 tsp vanilla essence

2to 3 tbsp dessicated coconut


1) Pre heat the oven at 180’C, grease and line a 9 inch cake tin.

2) In a large bowl mix the butter and sugar, just enough to get a bread crumb consistency. Then add the yoghurt and vanilla essence and mix.

3) Add the remaining ingredients and mix well, once the consistency is correct pour into the cake tin a bake for 30 to 40 mins at 180’C, the top of the cake should be a golden brown colour. Cool slightly and cut into pieces ready to serve.

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  1. This is the lightest, fluffiest egg-free cake recipe I have ever made – and I have tried quite a few! This is a fantastic recipe – thank you.

    I tweaked it a bit – I used some sour cream in the place of some of the yoghurt and added lemon zest and juice instead of coconut. I made them into cupcakes, cutting down the baking time accordingly.

    Kiran ~ Thanks for leaving a comment, I have never cooked with sour cream, normally just use it when I make Mexican. Your version sounds great, did you do half and half ? I might give it a go as I do like lemon cakes.


  2. Yes, it was about half and half as far as I recall. I had some left over that I wanted to use up otherwise I woudl have stuck to just the yoghut… ope you enjoy the lemon ones if you cmake them! Donna

    Kiran ~ Thanks for coming back to me with that, will definitely give it a go and let you know 🙂


  3. hi,
    want to try it with dahi. will it do? how much of dahi(in grammes)?

    Kiran ~ I actually used home made dahi, so keep to the same proportions. As mentioned you may need to adjust the if the quantity is not right (refer back to the method). Hope it turns out well for you, let me know how you get on.


  4. u can also add a quarter glass of milk and 2 table spoons of finest semolina.
    u can also used self raising flour.

    the cake realy tasty……

    Kiran ~ Will have to try this, thanks for the info.


  5. Hello.. Could you please tell me how to mesure 8oz of yogurt? And if possible a recipe for frosting,the one used to write happy birthday,etc? All the vegetarian cakes i have tried out till now have flopped!! I hope this one will be gud! 🙂

    Kiran ~ If you have a measuring jug with Fluid Ounce then that will help, if not try to search on the net for conversations with your measuring jug. For the frosting use a butter cream icing that is good to work with, recipes are on the web so try any of those, hope it helps and you have a good cake.


  6. I’ve just made this, so easy and yummy. I used vanilla yoghurt and added 200g of frozen blueberries. I had to increase the cooking time by 20 minutes.

    Thank you


  7. Great idea, I am looking for an eggless yoghurt recipe for a long time and hoping to make this cake next week:) But I have a question about the soda powder – did you mean “1/2 teaspoon” or “1/2 tablespoon”?

    Kiran ~ it is in teaspoon, hope you enjoy this recipe.


  8. I’ve now tried the recipe out with a minor modification – my boyfriend is sensitive to egg whites, but not the yolks, so I have added 1 separated egg yolk and zest of 1 orange to the recipe at the yogurt-mixing stage.

    The result is absolutely fantastic – moist and light cake that neither looks nor tastes egg-white-free. We had it with coffee simply dusted with powdered sugar, though next time I may make a cream cheese frosting to go with it.

    Thank you so very much – my bf just had his very first real cake, and he’s very very happy!


  9. Thank you for this recipe, am eager to try it. One question though: any idea if all purpose flour (unbleached, unbromated) will work as well as self-raising flour?


  10. Sorry, should clarify, I am aware that I can convert all purpose flour to self-raising flour by adding baking powder and salt, but I am hoping to minimize the use of chemicals herein. The recipe already uses baking soda. Any idea if I could manage only with all purpose flour and baking soda? Thanks very much for any advice.

    Kiran ~ I think it should work because as I understand, all purpose flour has some sort of livening agent and that is the main reason we add the things we do. However yoghurt does a similar job so I guess just try it, and let me know how you get on, may help others 🙂


  11. Thank you for your lovely cake recipe. Any idea that I can replace yoghurt with soya yoghurt? Any way will try it out.

    Kiran ~ I have never used soya yoghurt so I cannot say, give it a go and if it works come back and leave a comment so others can learn from you. Thanks for stopping by :).


  12. Just made this cake,and it was really spongy for an eggless cake.Thanks for the recipe.I was wondering ig WE substitute some of the flour for wholewheat flour,how would it turn out.I might try it next time,will let you know.

    Kiran ~ I tried it out after your comment and it works well, let me know what you think 🙂


  13. Fantastic recipe and so easy to make!
    I actually googled for orange yogurt cake but just decided to add my bits to this recipe and it worked heaven.
    I’ve added zest off one orange and 3 tablespoons of juice to the mix. Also, saved a small teaspoon of zest for the icing-just adds a bit of a character. Delicious! Perfect eggless cake for easter, next time i’m planning on using melted chocolate instead of frosting. Oh, also instead of self-rising I used plain flour plus 2 teaspoons of baking powder, and NO soda whatsoever. Thanks a lot!!!


  14. i want to try this recipe but i am not sure about “1/2 bicarbonate of soda powder”. is it 1/2 tsp or tbsp? please clarify. also how much lemon /orange zest to use instead of coconut powder?

    Kiran ~ Thank you for pointing out my error in not mentioning the tsp or tbsp ? have rectified it now. It is tsp, however if you look at the previous comment then you will note people have tried it without adding and the cake has worked well for them, I have yet to try it. Thanks and sorry for the delay in responding to your question.


  15. I’ve never made an eggless cake before so I’m looking forward to trying this cake out. Will it be ok to use fondant icing on this sponge? Or will the icing be too heavy? And if I was to make it chocolate would I just reduce the flour and add cocoa as you do with regular cake recipes?


    1. Kiran ~ Jyoti sorry for the extreme delay in responding to you earlier, I was away on holiday. I hope you made the cake, I have not used fondant icing with this recipe, however have used marzipan, butter cream and fresh cream icing which has worked well. All I can say is try it and see what happens. As for making it into a chocolate cake, I would just add 3 to 4 tablespoons of cocoa powder and I don’t think that you should reduce the amount of flour.


  16. hi,

    thanks for the recipe, i m planning on making this for a satnarayan pooja, so it s great that it s eggless…

    i dont have self rising flour so i looked up how to make it, just want to confirm that if i were to follow this, i ld be adding bout 1.4 tsp of baking powder and bout one third tsp salt to the 250g flour mentioned above, does that sound right to those of you who have tried this recipe out already?

    177.44 ml all-purpose flour
    4.92 ml baking powder
    1.23 ml salt

    Combine all ingredients and use in place of self rising flour.
    May double or triple if more is needed.

    Read more at: http://www.food.com/recipe/homemade-self-rising-flour-substitute-29318?mode=metric&scaleto=0.75&st=null&oc=linkback


    1. Kiran ~ I had a look at the link, and it seems like it will work. I know that baking powder is added to plain flour as it is the main raising agent for self raising flour, I don’t know the purpose for the salt though. I was going to suggest that just add 1 tsp of baking powder to the recipe if you don’t wish to mix the flour seperately. I add coconut because it makes the cake more softer / spongy, if you don’t have it or don’t want to use it, the cake still turns out fine. I hope this helps and you enjoy making the cake.


  17. Wonderful! It’s very versatile too! I used cooking oil instead of butter (I do that a lot recently as my partner is lactose intolerant, it’s a healthier version too, AND gives you more moist cakes!) and added some lime zest, prunes, and fresh pears – basically what I had in the cupboard. It worked beautifully! Thank you for this recipe – definitely using it again!

    Kiran ~ It must have turned out to be very moist with all the fruit and oil. Thanks for the feedback 🙂


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