Stuffed Pointed Peppers with Pasta


Some years back we had enjoyed a dinner, made by one of my sister in-laws, of large shell pasta stuffed with ricotta cheese. It was a very enjoyable experience that I have recreated when ever I can get a hold of the large pasta shells.  I felt that the same filling would work well with the sweet pointed pepper, as the flavours would compliment each other and they did. Just to make it into a meal we ate it with some pasta with sun dried tomatoes & basil pesto, for a very heavy filling meal.  Although it could have also been served with some salad for a lighter option. Unlike the other recipe of pointed peppers, this is a more Italian style as opposed to Mediterranean.

Stuffed Pointed Peppers with Pasta

As mentioned before this same stuffing can be used to fill large shaped pasta or cannelloni and served with a tomato based. Another alternative filling to substitute the ricotta cheese is to use flavoured soft cheese, mixed with spinach.


Preparation time: 20 mins          Cooking time: 20 mins          Serves: 2

2 pointed peppers with the tops removed and de seeded

100g ricotta cheese

1/4 cup chopped spinach blanched

1/4 tsp fresh grated nutmeg

salt & pepper to taste

3 cups pasta (any shape you like or have)

hot water


1/4 cup of sundried tomato pesto

olive oil


1)Mix together to ricotta cheese, spinach and the spices, keep aside. Prepare the pesto as per this recipe and keep aside. Boil some water for the pasta with salt and a little olive oil, add the pasta and cook as per the instructions or al-dente. Drain and keep aside.

2) Cut the tops of the pointed peppers and remove the seeds with a spoon or knife. Fill with the prepared stuffing mixture and oil the outside of the pepper with a spray or brush. Place in a pre heated griddle pan or grill. Cook evenly all around and you are ready to serve the sweet pointed pepper.

3) Mix the pesto with the pasta and heat slightly before serving with the pointed peppers. Enjoy 🙂

4 thoughts on “Stuffed Pointed Peppers with Pasta

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  1. Wow thats interesting recipe looking gorgeous , wish to taste it.. yummy and should try it our for sure

    Kiran ~ It is a great recipe if you want to indulge 😉 Give it a go and let me know what you think.


  2. Loved stuffed peppers, i m making this soon!

    Kiran ~ I like stuffed peppers too and there are so many different stuffing’s that can be used. Let me know how yours turn out.


  3. OMG…That stuffed chilli pic is killing me…Looking great with pasta..
    First time here..Nice space…Do viist my blog when u get time..

    Kiran ~ Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment, will try and come around soon to your site.


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