Creativity & Food

In my world everything is interconnected – food, creative arts, emotions, relationships, nature and our daily surroundings. Food and our emotions are always interconnected – we turn to different foods when we are happy and at the other end of the spectrum when we are low we turn to comfort foods to help pick ourselves up. Part of what we eat is visual.  We eat with our eyes first and then the taste comes in. So when we marry creativity with food, it becomes a visual treat and gives you a wow moment.

As I love all forms of creativity and have a background in textile design I am always looking for inspiration from my surroundings or other sources. As a result I get regular emails from ‘The Inspiration Room’ a blog that sends me creative ideas and how they are used in the world of advertising. Recently I got a mail from them that made me think wow so I thought I would share it with you. It was an advertising campaign for the Sydney International Food Festival that showed food in the form of flags. I was amazed at the amount of thought put into making sure that the type of foods used to create the flags were what was considered the cuisine of that country. The main article is here. I would love to be at such a festival and enjoy all the wonderful tastes and smells of the great food that we have in this world.

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  1. I totally agree Kiran….Creativity and food and emotions are always interconnected. Nice collection of thoughts.

    Kiran ~ Thanks for teh lovely positive comment.


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