Valentine’s / Mother’s Day Meal

Sorry for the short break, a few things have changed in our routine hence the delay in posting the next recipe/post. So for Valentine’s / Mother’s day I was treated to a candle lit lovely 3 course meal 🙂 by the wonderful men in my life. They put alot of effort into the meal and making sure that it was all very well presented. I was very impressed with all the love and effort put in by both of them and it was very tasty. I do not have recipes to share with you as part of the menu was shop bought and things were just very cleverly put together. The recipe that was followed was modified by what my husband felt like adding to the recipe ;).

Master Chefs at work!!

So my starter was hummus with paprika, and toasted sesame pitta. The main was a moussaka with a side salad, masterfully chopped by junior chef, and for desert it was Greek yogurt with honey and roasted walnuts. I will remake the moussaka and add a recipe to the picture.

I felt very special and enjoyed not having to think about the cooking, the usual thought of  “oh what should I make today ?” or “which part of the world do we want to go to today for dinner ?” my usual questions for when I have not planned the menu. As I have said before in a previous post, sometimes the basic ingredients are all what we need and then they can be used to transform the ingredient into a world cuisine.

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