Wabi ~ Sabi

Wabi ~ Sabi ( Japanese) :- A way of Living that focuses on finding beauty within the imperfections of Life and accepting peacefully the natural cycle of growth and decay….

This is a saying which best describes what we have been up to and our absence from the blogging world. Life was such that we were not able to update the blog (not high on the priority list!). Although as many of the family from abroad asked me, I have not stopped cooking or experimenting with new recipes…. In fact I have tried and made some very good new dishes, which have become regulars in my kitchen, of course in due course I will share them with you all.

Well I guess you must be wondering WHY the long absence…. One of the most interesting, challenging and biggest (highlights) being, home educating our son, Mihir, for 18 months. It was a fantastic experience and we both learnt a great deal and developed as individuals and in our relationship. We learnt to strive despite the odds and to keep going no matter what the situation was ~ The only constant in life is change…..

We also sadly lost both my parent in-laws in a space of 11 months, due to age and ill health. Then a year ago we moved into our own place and Mihir is now going to secondary school.

Despite all of this happening over the past few years, I still learnt new skills in loving unconditionally, being there no matter what and all of this showed in the food that I made. It’s amazing how food is connected to our life and routine of living. Food is there to nourish our body and soul, it is there to keep us going and give us energy. It is there to be enjoyed with all and to make memories associated with fun times had around the dinner table. It is there to entertain and just to be enjoyed as our body craves certain tastes…..

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