The quickest way to a man’s heart was through his chest, only joking. The saying “the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is very true in my case. I’m lucky to be married to someone who is passionate about making so many great and tasty dishes. This works well for both of us because Kiran loves to cook and I love to eat!

Kiran is a very talented young woman, who can even make a slice of bread into a gourmet meal. Apart from making traditional Gujarati food, Kiran has also made many other vegetarian dishes from around the world and has also experimented in concocting different dishes inspired from something she has seen or read about. With all this cooking talent, I felt she should share some of her experiences, recipes and food tips with the world and what better way than through this website. I myself am in the computer industry so I was able to setup the website and help Kiran with all the technical bits and pieces of putting the content up on the website. Photography is something that I’ve always wanted to do more of but never seemed to have the time or urge to do but since starting the Radiance Recipes website, this has given me the opportunity of learning more about it and putting it into practice and hopefully I’ll be able expand on that in the future.

I trust you’ll enjoy reading about Kiran’s recipes and experiences and be able to make them as much as I’ve enjoyed eating them.
Have fun,

Now a few words from Kiran:-
This blog is our attempt to try and share vegetarian recipes from around the world. I have put simple recipes that impress, elaborate recipes for the grand occasions, and recipes just to simply wow guests, all of which have been tried and tested by my family.  By sharing them with the world I will have the opportunity to cook recipes I haven’t in a long time as well as try out new recipes for the first time.

I was born a vegetarian and will be so for life.  As I was growing up in Malawi, Central Africa, we lived on a very healthy diet of traditional Gujarati cooking.  We had fresh fruit and vegetables grown in our garden or food bought from the local market – NO supermarkets!!!, no added shelf life, no preservatives or the large selection of brands and varieties of food we have now.
My father’s love and appreciation of good food and experimental cooking, with my mother’s guidance of teaching us the basics in Indian cooking and gentle encouragement of ‘you have to learn’ and ‘you will come back from your marital home if you don’t learn!’ made sure that the school holidays were filled with lots of experiments of trying out new and old recipes.  We would get recipes from my masi (aunty) and try them out as well as from other friends and families and of course magazines.
We grew up with Chinese and Italian food, which was the most adaptable to our palate and being vegetarian. We also had a few odd dishes of cuisine from around the world and of course the whole array of Indian meals.

Then 21 32 years ago we moved to Birmingham, UK and discovered supermarkets with a large selection of world foods, and a huge variety of chocolates, ice creams and desserts.  However being vegetarian the selection was still limited, so slowly we added Mexican, Thai, Mediterranean, Lebanese and English to our food experiments.

Today I am glad that my parents gave us (3 sisters) our love for food. I still continue to learn and experiment with new recipes, which my husband enjoys. After marriage I have tried out a lot of new recipes, some never tried by my family.  One simple example is mushrooms, I had only ever eaten them a couple of times and never knew how to cook or handle them but by watching TV programmes, finding and trying recipes I feel I am quite the expert in my family. 😉 All thanks to my husbands love for them…

I find great joy and personal satisfaction in cooking for friends and family.  I feel food brings us closer together and keeps the tradition / family values that I have been brought up with.  Now I pass the same onto my son (3) ~ 13. He enjoys helping with chopping, measuring and mixing and we bake and cook together.

To me cooking comes naturally and I say we should just be a little organised in preparing the ingredients and have a lot of confidence, oh and of course think of Ganesh and just do it! Anything made with love always is good (as my mother in-law says). 🙂

This site is dedicated to my masi (aunty) who passed away recently. She was my inspiration.

Live life to love and love to live life 🙂

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