We had tried falafels a couple of times many years back, but never attempted to make them ourselves. I started trying out various recipes about 4/5 years back. They used to be a complete disaster – always splitting open when I would try them, or the taste was not quite right. So after trying a dozen different recipes, I have finally come to this, which is a combination of reading the labels of ready to make falafels and a recipe book. The trick to it is to make sure the consistency is right. There is a very good place to eat in Covent Garden (London) which does ‘just falafs’, where I had once tried a particular falafel, thats how I came  about adding a simple relish of carrot and beetroot for this recipe. Now I am happy with the combination of crunchy, tangy and sweet  with a hint of spice.

I find the best thing about falafels is that it has the main food groups, you have wheat, pulses, vegetables and dairy, a full combination for a vegetarian. That is why it is a good complete meal, excellent for picnics or to eat good food on the go.  This is a very good children friendly recipe also. To go with this I sometimes make a simple salad of baby spinach, cherry tomatoes and feta cheese, with a simple dressing of lemon juice, black pepper, olive oil and ground cumin seeds.

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