Stuffed Vegetables Curry (bharelu shaak)

One of my favourites for traditional Gujarati food, this is a simple recipe, but it is slightly different to the normal curries so it is good to make when you are having friends over. This is a curry where the vegetables are stuffed with a spicy mixture. Recently I have also added mushrooms to the list of vegetables in the dish, which is quite a good combination with all the other vegetables and spice/gravy mix.  As with all the Asian recipes the spices can be added to taste and you can experiment with different ones to what I have used.  You can also just steam the vegetables, which gives a very dry curry, but tastes equally good.  As I have grown up with the one with a tomato gravy, that is what I have shared with you.  I hope you give this recipe a go, it is worth trying once and goes well with chapatti (Indian wholemeal flat bread) and rice.

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