Brussel Sprouts Curry


There are very few vegetables I don’t particularly enjoy eating, and they generally tend to be curries made with cabbage or brussel sprouts. I guess it is perhaps because sometimes they are over cooked to make them tender, which in turn makes them bland. We once had this conversation with my sister in-law and I about how our mothers tend to over cook certain vegetables and even foods like pasta and noodles just to make sure that we don’t eat food that is half cooked or raw. By over cooking you loose out on the taste, nutrients and texture of the food, however, if cooked properly and with a good blend of spices, then even these foods are bearable 😉

Wikipedia has this about brussel sprouts:- Whatever cooking method is employed, care must be taken not to overcook. Overcooking releases the sulphur smelling glucosinolate, sinigrin. This is the reason many people profess to dislike Brussels sprouts; only ever having tried them overcooked with the accompanying sulfuric taste and smell. Generally 6–7 minutes boiled or steamed is enough to cook, without overcooking and releasing the sinigrin.

So I guess the key is to cook it like as if stir frying, i.e. fast cooked food to ensure that the nutrients remain as well as the taste 🙂

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Root vegetable & mushroom stew with cheese dumplings

I came across this recipe from a supermarket magazine. It looked great and I always wanted to try and make dumplings. I adapted the recipe and changed the vegetables to what I would normally keep or vegetables I use for roasting during autumn/winter. If you do not want everything to be the same colour then just remove the beetroot. You can also add a can of beans (of your choice) or a lentil & grain mix, this makes it more wholesome.

I am glad I tried the recipe as it has been a hit with everyone who has tried it. This recipe is a very good warm and comforting food, especially when the weather starts to get colder. Serve it with some bread rolls or garlic bread. I hope that you enjoy this recipe as much as I do. Give it a go, it is the correct season for it 🙂
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Stuffed Vegetables Curry (bharelu shaak)

One of my favourites for traditional Gujarati food, this is a simple recipe, but it is slightly different to the normal curries so it is good to make when you are having friends over. This is a curry where the vegetables are stuffed with a spicy mixture. Recently I have also added mushrooms to the list of vegetables in the dish, which is quite a good combination with all the other vegetables and spice/gravy mix.  As with all the Asian recipes the spices can be added to taste and you can experiment with different ones to what I have used.  You can also just steam the vegetables, which gives a very dry curry, but tastes equally good.  As I have grown up with the one with a tomato gravy, that is what I have shared with you.  I hope you give this recipe a go, it is worth trying once and goes well with chapatti (Indian wholemeal flat bread) and rice.

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