Vegetarian Sizzler

A sizzler is made on either clay or iron plates, they are heated and various different cooked foods are placed on it and when it starts to sizzle it is ready to be served. It is a good winter dish to have, as it remains hot for a long time. I have had many vegetarian sizzler’s and they have all been interesting, however I guess I am biased with this version as I grew up with it. Another reason why the taste is so good is because of using clay plates as opposed to iron plates, the flavours are absorbed more and it dries up the gravy more so that enhances the flavour. If you break it down and look at it, it is just rice, beans, curries and chips, however the combination works well for our family. It has become a Christmas meal favourite for some years now, like a tradition. Each of the individual curries used in this recipe can be eaten as part of a meal also i.e. with chapatti (rotli) and rice. So in effect in this one recipe I am giving you four different curry recipes 🙂

Vegetarian Sizzler

There are many different varieties of vegetarian sizzler, it can be done with boiled vegetables, or using themes like making a Chinese version. It does not always have to be just curries, you can also add some cutlets and salad to the curries as well.

Don’t be put off making this dish because it contains four different curries. The curries themselves do not take too long to make and if you organise yourself and utilise all the hobs on your cooker, you’ll be able to manage it without any problems.


Preparation time: 30 mins                   Cooking time: 1 hour                 Serves: 6

2 cups rice

1 tsp salt

1 tsp cumin seeds (jeera)

6 small portions frozen chips (or more if you want to give bigger portions)

6 tbsp sunflower oil

Onion & Tomato Curry

Mixed Vegetables Curry

Red Kidney Beans Curry (Bhanda)

Sugar Snap Peas Curry


1) Wash and soak the rice in cold water for a while, boil the hot water for cooking. Also pre-heat the oven for the chips to be cooked.

2) Cook the rice in boiling water with salt and cumin seeds, for about 10 minutes or until done. Once cooked drain the excess water and keep aside until ready to be used.

3) Cook the chips in the pre-heated oven until golden brown, and keep aside until ready to be used.

To assemble the sizzler.

1) Pre-heat the plates on stove tops and add the oil, and the individual portions of each of the curries and rice and top with the chips in the middle. Be careful as you do this, because the heat is quite intense and the liquid from the curries will splatter a little. Once it starts to sizzle switch the stove off and take to the table placing on steel plates or on heat proof mats, enjoy 🙂 .

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  1. can you add noodles?

    Kiran ~ Yes there are many different types of sizzlers you can create and also make them in many different world cuisines. So you can add noodles.


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